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I washed my clothes with PURPLE lipstick...How do I get the stains out?

the lipstick was in my jeans pocket and I didn't know. . . .And it ruined EVERYTHING. How do I get it out? There has got to be some old wives tale that helps get lipstick out of shirts, pants, skirt and everything else that is important!!!!!!!!!!I washed my clothes with PURPLE lipstick...How do I get the stains out?
ewww purple lipstick.......that is a serious question for the beauty part of it...but u should be asking this in laundry and since ur not im going to answer it as if it was a beauty question.

its a horrible color for ur lips it makes ur teeth look yellowI washed my clothes with PURPLE lipstick...How do I get the stains out?…

I would soak it in something. I would put it all in a sink of room temp. water with lots of Oxi Clean or something and soak it all night long.

Here is a link below on home remedies and what it says to do:…

Before you do anything, check the label of the affected garment to determine the fabric. Since many shirts require special treatment such as dry clean, you may need to take the item directly to the professional. However, if the lipstick stain is noticed once you get home, start by creating a plan of attack. Keep in mind that lipstick is an oil-based cosmetic. Therefore, you want to use remedies that will combat the grease. First, we recommend you always use a pre-wash, which will definitely help.

Start with alcohol, which works well. Do not rub, or you'll spread the mark. Simply take a clean, white cloth and moisten it with alcohol. Then, blot the lipstick stain, which will disappear. Another home remedy is dishwashing detergent such as Sunlight and Dawn, both formulated to fight grease. For this method of lipstick stain removal, dab on a little detergent, let it set for about 10 minutes, and then gently begin working on the stain from the outside edges inward.

Another great home remedy for removing lipstick stains is ammonia. Just about everyone has ammonia at home for cleaning and if not, it can be found at any grocery store for just a few dollars. Again, start by blotting off as much of the stain as you can, using plain water. When done, use a cotton swab moistened with ammonia to dab at the stain. Once the stain begins to fade, wash the shirt by hand in warm soapy water, preferably using Dawn dishwashing detergent.

Finally, hairspray is an old trick used by women (and men) for years. As long as the fabric will permit it, spray right onto the stain, and then let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. In most cases, a clean cloth moistened with warm water is all you need to wipe the stain away. If your find this method of lipstick stain removal does not completely remove the stain, repeat and then wash by hand using Dawn or Sunlight.

Another website:…

Rubbing alcohol can help to remove lipstick. Put a small amount on your clothing and blot until the stain has vanished. This may need to be repeated several times until the stain is gone. “Rinse” the fabric by blotting with cool water.

To remove lipstick from clothing, rub in a little petroleum jelly and massage until the stain disappears. If a greasy stain is left behind, sprinkle on some baking soda to absorb and launder as usual.

Hair spray doesn’t only work on ink stains. Use it to remove lipstick stains as well. Spray a bit on and blot with a damp cloth. Repeat the process until the stain is lifted and launder as usual.

Finally, if you have a stain that just won’t come out, contact the lipstick manufacturer’s costumer service line. They’re sure to have plenty of useful tips to help you to remove lipstick from your clothing.

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